K12 National Parent Network

Your Parent Workshops Have Begun!

Your Child's Success Begins with Your Own!

The Parent Network is Here to Make Sure You Have the Knowledge You Need to Succeed as a Learning Coach!

K12's Parent Workshops cover topics from working with your student to working with the curriculum, from rethinking your strategies for schooling to rethinking your home management, from understanding the concepts and ideas of educational changes to understanding the educational technologies of today. We have workshops about using Microsoft Office, parenting, managing long days and more. You'll find it all in the Parent Network. We can help you tune your own math and writing skills, find other parents interested in cooking or saving money, and give you drop-in opportunities to ask questions of veteran parents who are schooling at home.

We're here all year, just for  you.

While you take care of your students,

we're here to help you.

You'll find Parent2Parent Lifeline where you can drop in and talk to experienced K12 parents about working with your child, managing the curriculum and strategies for success.

And don't miss videos and recordings about everything from keeping your preschoolers engaged while working with your older children, and managing multiple children, to learning about Individualized Learning Plans and the transition from Grade 8 to High School. There will be opportunities to hear experienced parents, mentors, teachers and students share about their experiences, as well as drop-in time to ask questions that you might have about different workshop topics.

We'll post monthly calendars that will show you all the Parent Network Workshops, Parent2Parent Lifeline and Drop-In Discussions ahead. You are sure to find something to fit your needs as well as your schedule. We want to make sure that you are supported in your role as Learning Coach and that you can learn what you need to know in order to make your student as successful as they can possibly be.

The Parent Network is here to get you off to a great start...and then we stay with you all year long!